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Bimberi Wilderness, May 2006
Last time we were through here we had missed the Blue Waterholes and Bimberi Peak, so we took advantage of being nearby to visit them. The weather stayed largely dry, but the winds topped 100 kph and the temperature overnight dropped to about -5 C. We were travelling with very lightweight summer gear, but we were warm enough. The day after we left the area the really bad weather arrived and the place was covered in snow.
Day 2, Oldfields Hut - morning tea inside out of the cold winds Day 3, Entering Clarke Gorge at Blue Waterholes, wading Day 3, Travelling down Clarke Gorge Day 3, Limestone cliffs above us in the Gorge
Day 3, Seventeen Creek plain - we had winds over 100 kph here Day 4, Morning at Murrays Gap, -3 C overnight Day 4, View from top of Bimberi Peak, 1911 m, with dead snow gum from 2003 fires Day 5, Striking camp at Orroral Valley, -5 C overnight


Kosciosko NP, April 2006
This was meant to be a pleasant easy stroll from Cesjacks across to Grey Mare Range, down that to the Geehi Flats, up Hannels Ridge and back along the Main Range etc to Cesjacks. It was about 130 km, but included the descent off Grey Mare Range and the subsequent 1,600 m climb up Hannels Ridge. We were carrying ultralightweight gear for benign conditions, but the weather was a little uncooperative. Fortunately, we had enough gear to cope and stay warm and dry.
Day 2, Morning under Mailbox Hill: snow wasn't meant to happen! Day 3, Morning on Grey Mare Range: more snow, oh dear. Day 4, Wilkinson Valley, under Kosci Day 4, Lake Albina from Northcote
Day 5, Twynam - wind ~100 kph, ice on steel, I'm hanging on Day 5, Aquaduct Track - that's not fine weather ahead Day 6, Early camp near Bluff Tarn Day 6, The expected storm brewing up slowly
Day 7, 300 mm snow in morning - hum, interesting Day 7, Walking near Four Ways in high wind and a little snow Day 7, North of Smiths Perisher Day 7, "Morning tea" at Cesjacks (Joke! We ate inside.)


Wollemi Wilderness, March 2006
River walking for 4 days, with a forced retreat when we looked like running out of food. We had 6 days food, but it looked like being 8 days walking, IF it went. Getting out was tricky, involving a narrow side canyon, climbing the cliffs, negotiating a knife edge spur (with a crawl), and a dry camp on top.
Creek bed and jungle Sand bars under the cliffs Cliff above a pool Cliffs above a bend in the canyon
Cleaning sand out of my shoes Clambering through a block-up Canyon walls and tree tops Crawl space, on the exit spur


Ski Touring, Winter 2005
High in the Jagungal Wilderness
Upper Geehi valley & Jagungal Camp site, evening Morning sun Morning Tea



Snow Scenes, Winter 2005
In the Jagungal Wilderness
Late Evening Jagungal Doubtful Creek Afternoon Shadows



Ski Touring, Winter 2003
Some of the better weather in an otherwise stormy season
Shrinking snow bridges (Doubtful Ck) Camp in fine weather - Upper Snowy River Camp site, same, in the evening Camp site, next morning - rather high winds and snow



Doyles Creek Arch, Northern Wollemi
Before it collapsed
From below From above (steep) From the West end Not why it collapsed!


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