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Fire Photos

Fire aftermath and track repair after the fires

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Permission for most photos on this page has been granted by Robert Sloss publications
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Minimal damage in Thirlmere Lakes blue gums following low intensity back burn.
Back burn

Epicormic growth following fire in Blue Gum Creek

Lignotuber growth from tiny eucalypt following wildfire on Buxton Plateau above Blue Gum Creek

Lignotuber growth from larger eucalypt following wildfire on Buxton Plateau above Blue Gum Creek

Blue Gum ford which was shifted by floods is now in use.
Blue Gum ford

Buxton Plateau after wild fire
after wild fire

Little River from Ladies Waist after fires. Patchy canopy damage.
Little River

Hanging rock overhang between Blue Gum Creek and Buxton Plateau
Hanging rock overhang

New fire trail to Rosies Pass buldozed during spot fire.
The red colouration is caused by the fire retardant dropped by the water bomber
New fire trail

New fire trail gives access to new lookouts.
New fire trail

Robert taking photograph of goanna near burnt out scrub.

Inspecting koala scratches
koala scratches

Koala scratches detail
Koala scratches

Koala scratches detail
Koala scratches detail

New viewpoint to Bargo River
New viewpoint

New viewpoint to Bargo River
New viewpoint to Bargo Rive

Cache of tools and supplies at Rosies Pass

Bannister construction at Rosies Pass
Bannister construction

Chain installed
Chain installed

Bridging track chainsawing

Bridging track Tree across track to be cleared
Tree across track

Bridging track- Repainting direction arrows
Repainting direction arrows

Bridging track-Protection for endangered plant Persoonia bargoensis
The plant died a few years after this photo was taken but hopefully it had a couple of seasons of flowering and setting seed.

Bridging track-Restored section of track
Restored section

Bridging track-Tangle of trees and branches to be cleared
Tangle of trees

Bridging track- Well equipped for the job at hand
Well equipped

Bridging track- Wombat poo on rock shortly after the fire went through



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