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National Park and Wildlife Service
Link to the National Park and Wildlife Service for park closures and information
Web Sites associated with policy, products, advice etc.
National Park Alerts and Closures Link
National Park Closures - check before you start your walk.
Walk Safely - Walk With a Club
List of NSW Bushwalking Clubs.
Members may also wish to register here to receive the Bushwalking NSW monthly newsmagazines as the club is not now forwarding these.
NSW Volunteer
Rescue Association

Bush Search and Rescue
(a division of SES)
Queensland Government Red
Imported Fire Ants

Confederation Policy on Natural Areas and Bushwalkers Code.
Bushwalkers Poetry

Australian Bushwalking
and Camping
Care of Feet
Varroa mite emergency response

Other recommended Bushwalking and ecological sites.
Dr Kate Grarock
Dr Kate Grarock is a keen bushwalker and ecologist.  Her site has links to her many YouTube videos, including food preparation and gear for longer hikes