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Southern Highlands Bushwalkers Inc.
Address: 9 Bertha St Hill Top 2575
Phone: 0490 803 576 or 0426 479 147
Club Officers and Committee
Erica Rink
0426 479 147
and Publicity Officer

David MacFarlane
0431 858 611
Julie Reumer
0408 480 150
Walks Convener
Richard Phillips
0491 619 543
Public Officer and
Membership Secretary

Mal Hughes
0405 524 707
Additional committee members: George Ritter, Margaret Hughes, Glen Vandine
Non executive personnel
Footprint Editor
Jenny Birse
Flickr Administrator
Michael Birse
WOW administration
Glen Vandine (committee member)
4872 1607
Website Maintenance
David Hardie


MEMBERSHIP  Membership fees of $20 per year per person plus a $5 joining fee for new members.

The renewal form is | located here | and it must be signed and returned to the Membership Secretary each year.

The club year is from 1st January to 31st December. New memberships between 1st July to 31st December pay $10 membership plus $5 joining fee. Children under 18 years cannot be members and must be accompanied by responsible member on walks. Personal accident insurance is not supplied.

DOGS. Dogs are not permitted on any club walks, due to the possible risk of accidents caused by the dogs running amongst walkers. Also many of our walks are in National Parks and private property where dogs are not allowed.

CAR SHARING. The recommended method of sharing transport is 30 cents per kilometre divided between all persons in the car, including the driver.

EQUIPMENT. Necessary equipment for a day walk consists of:

IMPORTANT.   Do not split up the group during a walk. The group must stay with the slowest person. Except for an emergency, when two people may be sent for help.

WALKS.   If you wish to join a walk, please contact the nominated walk leader about two days before the day of the walk. If you cannot contact the walk leader, contact Malcolm 0490 803 576 to pass message along. Time for completion of walks cannot be predicted. You may get home later than you expected.

CLUB MEETINGS  are held on the second Tuesday of each month, except December and January, at 7.30pm. Scout Hall 7 Louisa St. Mittagong.  During the COVID-19 pandemic some meetings may be cancelled, contact Malcolm 0490 803 576 if you are not sure.  All members and visitors are welcome.

Club Rating Australian Standard AS2156 Classification
Easy: Level on path suitable for wheelchairs.
Up to 5 km.
Class 1: No experience, Flat, firm surface, less than 5 km. Suitable for wheelchair users.
Moderate: Fairly level on track. Up to 12km. Class 2: No experience, good surface, less than 10 km
Medium: On tracks, some steep sections up to 20km. Class 3: Some experience, some steep sections, up to 20 km.
Hard: On and off track including scrub and steep sections. Navigation may be difficult. Class 4: Experienced, tracks long and rough.Class 5: Very experienced, very long and rough. Over 20km.
Exploratory: Mostly off track, requiring navigation skills. Class 6: Very experienced requiring map & navigation, emergency first aid. No defined track.