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All club walks cancelled until further notice.
Some members are actively walking within the lockdown rules where they have close access to bush tracks within their shire.

A disturbing report was received from one Wollondilly bushwalking family when they parked in Sugarloaf Creek Road in preparation for a walk in Tahmoor Canyon. A woman on horseback approached them saying that they were on private property and would call the police if they did not move. In order to avoid a confrontation, they did move and approached the walk from a different parking spot. But the horse rider was wrong as the NSW land registry indicates the road in question is definitely public. The land through which they planned to walk is unleased Crown Land so there was no legal impediment to their planned route.

Robert has been donating his time to the Council by removing weedy private from a swamp section of Lynn Gordon Reserve in Thirlmere. Where he cannot extract all the roots on the larger plants, he cuts them off near ground level and applies glyphosate with a vegetable dye added so that it is easy to see that the cut stem has been treated. Unfortunately, some of the local children have noticed the clearer areas and have been damaging native vegetation to build cubby houses. Council has to resolve this problem because the shale on sandstone forest community is rare and endangered.

Mission Statement

Southern Highlands Bushwalkers (Inc) is an outdoor activities club which
develops friendships through exploring natural wilderness and National Parks
We endeavour to plan activities to suit the needs of both individuals and families.
Activities range from short day walks to overnight backpacking hikes and car camp out weekends.
However, other special activities may be included in the activity programme.
The club was formed in 1990 as the Highland Adventurers then underwent a name change to become the Southern Highlands Bushwalkers (Inc) in 1994.
Since inception, membership has grown to about 60 and the members hail from as far afield as Palm Beach in the north to Goulburn in the south.


Southern Highlands Bushwalkers (Inc) is located in the Mittagong, Bowral, Berrima area of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.
This area has a great diversity of flora and fauna and access to many national parks and forested areas.
Most of the local area is undulating to steep, easy walks are very few and a reasonable standard of fitness is required.
The worn Sydney sandstone of the area offers some many interesting and beautiful windblown features with views from ridges into valleys, creeks and gullies.
These offer glimpses of lush cool rain forest, eroded sculptured landscapes and stunning views down the valleys formed by the rivers such as the Nattai.
Off track walking may be through thick and difficult vegetation which requires experience and good navigation skills.
The club offers mostly day walks from moderately easy to strenuous with a range of overnight backpacks or car camps and the occasional bus trips to more distant destinations.